The external dimensions of the trailer for transport and siting are as follows:

Length:                      3675mm

Towbar:                     1500mm

Total length:             5175mm

The advertising space on the trailer is as follows:

Top Board: 2875  x 455mm  (1.308 m2).

There are two Side Boards at front and two at the rear of the trailer. These measure as follows:

1755mm x 1055mm (1.851 m2 per end) and 1755mm x 955mm          ( 1.676 m2 per end).

This gives a total of advertising space of 6.362 m2.

There is also space inside the trailer for additional signage.

When the front and rear Side Boards have been extended, the total frontage of the trailer is 8000mm.

*Please take note that advertising signage inside the trailer can be affixed by drawing pins or similar, but the external advertising  must NOT be affixed using penetrative fixings (nails, screws, tacks etc.). The preferred method of affixing advertising to the external areas is by using sticky back Velcro or double sided tape. Any damage caused to external advertising panels caused by penetrative fixings will be charged to the hirer.